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Eva Guerrera


I never had a hard life. My mother, my father. always provided for us. My brothers and sisters were all very good. My mom used to cook, my dad used to cook. We used to say the rosary every night, and my mother used to bless our beds every night before she went to bed. Then she used to finish her chores which she had for the next day, maybe like make dough for biscuits, or whatever she had. But we had a beautiful childhood.

My mother made my wedding dress, my mom made my dad's suits. My mother was a seamstress. We went to school, they thought that we had money because we always dressed real nice. Everything matched, our little socks, our little shoes, everything was beautiful. I had beautiful childhood, even though my mom and my dad went probably through a lot to have all of us content.

We're four brothers and six sisters, but we all have our home, we all maintain our homes, we maintain our children. What can I tell you? That's about it. My life was a very beautiful life.

Eva's Husband

My husband was a very wonderful man. He became blind, and even though he blind, he used to come from Hacienda Heights all the way to Vermont for the Braille Institute. He knew how to take the buses. And from there, from Hacienda Heights, he used to go to Orange County too, on the bus. He learned Braille. He knew how to make all kinds of little things, like cups, and little dogs out of yarn - he used to make a lot of things, even though he was blind. One day I went for him to the Center and I got lost and he could go and come back and he didn't get lost, that's how good he was. He was between 65 and 69, that's when he went blind. But he died when he was 83, he lived a long time after that. Very smart man, he used to make all kinds of things with his hands, and he knew where everything was. I didn't have to tell him, he used to help me clean the kitchen. He used to put his hands like this, so he could rub his hands and see if everything was clean.