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Jesus Gonzalez



I was born in Mexico City, seventy years ago. When I was young, when I thought about the age of the people, I never supposed I would reach this age. I supposed forty years was well enough! I was thirty-three years when I came to this country. The situation in my country was really bad, and always I liked to know this country. I decided to come here and try, and everything is okay for me. I was tailor in my country. My uncle, he was the owner of the tailor shop and I helped him and he teach me how to build a suit for men. Work for ladies too, but heavy clothes, like raincoats, coats, for lady. And for men everything. And here I started working in lady dresses factory. I worked and was very happy. Then I had a stroke and I must leave everything.

The first years I try to be back every year to pass the holidays with my family. I love too much my family. In '72 my grandmother died and my mother decide to come with me. She come and live with me, and three years ago she pass away, three years ago. She was a really nice lady.

I have a really good things in my life. When I was young I passed really good times with my friends in my country. Here I always think I be a positive person. Maybe I see the bad things, but I don't pay too much attention.

I go to my church. I am Catholic. I pray to help there. I was in one group called Salvation to Paul for more than one year and we was making a really good job because we was helping the community. But later the group disappear because we don't have one place where we made the reunions, get together. Really nice things in my life when I was in that group. Because when I was away and mixed-up I was really bad, I had a big depression. I was thinking too dramatically. When I am next to the group I start to - I feel I start to living again. It was very important for me.

I think I am a person who likes to help other people. All my life I like to help out. I like much the animals. Now I live with one cat, just one. I can't have more because the owners of the house, where I live, they don't like too much the animals. "No! The house are for people, no more animals!"