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Ann Fletcher


I can't dance. I used to try, but nobody seemed to like the dancing. I wasn't bad looking! I couldn't dance. But I went to Tijuana one time with a group when I worked at Bullocks. And we went to a dance, and this man asked me to dance and I said, "I can't dance, I'm not a dancer, I can't dance." He said, "Oh, no problem, I teach dancing." Fifteen minutes passed and he said, "You can't dance." I know I can't dance. You've got to know your limitations. I have something wrong with my legs, but I didn't know it then, I just knew I couldn't dance. I don't have any rhythm, let's face it. I joined the bowling team when I worked and they even asked me to stop. I have no rhythm, and it takes rhythm to do those things. I don't have it, it just doesn't exist, and that's it. I mean I really tried. They were polite to me for three weeks, and that was it. They said, "Come and join us, but not bowling."