Tramps That Go Think in the Night
David Greenberger and Shaking Ray Levis

PelPel Recordings PP-8713, 2013

  1. Trick Squash
  2. The Seven Dwarfs
  3. Ecstasy
  4. Disappear the Col
  5. Death of a salesman
  6. The Straight Life
  7. Maybe Again (Strip Poker)
  8. Fighting 'til the End
  9. A New Business
  10. Abject Stupidity
  11. Landlord No More
  12. The Tornado
  13. My Princess
  14. Aquarius
  15. Now Dream
  16. Two Boats, Drifting

Reaching the tenth anniversary of their Mayor of the Tennessee River (written and debuted in performance in 2001, then recorded and released on CD two years later), David Greenberger and Shaking Ray Levi's embarked on a new project after playing a festival together in 2011. Where the earlier work had found the duo of Dennis Palmer and Bob Stagner expanded to a quartet, this time they decided to create it as a small, mobile unit, with an eye towards further live dates and touring. Sadly, that was not to be. Dennis Palmer died quietly in his sleep in early 2013, succumbing to the heart problems that had been shadowing him for a couple decades. With the recording wrapped up, co-producer Steve Hickman completed the mixes that he and Dennis had been working on.

David Greenberger: monologues
Dennis Palmer, synthesizers, samplers
Bob Stagner: drums, percussion, guitar

Guests include guitarist Davey Williams, ukulele player Frank Pahl, and 94 year old drummer Mary Piper

Produced by Dennis Palmer and Steve Hickman
Cover drawing by Norabelle Greenberger