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Introduction to Ernest Noyes Brookings, poet and engineer:

Ernest Noyes Brookings was born in 1898 in Newbury, Massachusetts. He served in the Navy, attended MIT, and settled in Springfield, Vermont, where he worked as a designer of machine parts. When not designing, Mr. Brookings avidly pursued astronomy, the game of tennis and ham radio.

In 1979, while residing at the Duplex Nursing Home in Boston, he met David Greenberger who was employed there as activities director. Seeing his interest in the poetry of others, David suggested he write some of his own, which he immediately began doing provided he was supplied with a theme to write about. Emerging with a style of his own from the outset, his poems began appearing regularly in The Duplex Planet as well as numerous other publications. His book, We Did Not Plummet Into Space, was published in 1983.

In the last seven years of his life Ernest Brookings took to writing poetry with the vigor of youth or of a man with little time to spare. He wrote nearly four hundred poems on a wide variety of subjects - from Frankenstein to Harry Truman, from broken hearts to kissing, from chairs to rockets - all receiving equal attention and all arranged with his gentle mixture of faith and logic.

Ernie died in 1987.

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