David Greenberger & Mark Greenberg with special guest Paul Cebar
Tell Me That Before

(PelPel Recordings, 2011, PP-8709)

  1. Little Demons
    MG: vibraphone, keyboard;
    PC: baritone ukulele; DG: drums
  2. Proven Behavior
    MG: organ, bass, organ, drums
  3. Good Girl Spend It
    MG: drums; PC: guitar, chorus vocal;
    DG: bass guitar, marimba, chorus vocal
  4. Thanks to the Good Little Fellow
    MG: piano, baritone ukulele, bass, drums
  5. On the Mayflower
    MG: bass harmonica, drums;
    PC: baritone ukulele; DG: bells
  6. The Origins of Bowling
    MG: bowed vibraphone;
    PC: guitar, vocals
  7. The Brunette King
    MG: drums; PC: Bellzouki;
    DG: bass guitar
  8. They Go Beep Beep Beep
    MG: vibraphone; PC: bowed psaltery
  9. Heaven Right Here
    PC: chorus vocals
  10. Realistically
    MG: vibraphone; PC: baritone ukulele
  11. Army Conditions
    MG: pump organ, vibraphone, glockenspiel, Mellotron
  12. The Salt Mines of Russia
    MG: drums; PC: Bellzouki;
    DG: bass guitar
  13. Macro to Micro
    MG: vibraphone; PC: baritone ukulele, Danelectro baritone guitar
  14. Advice for Gangsters
    MG: vibraphone, bass, baritone guitar; PC: lead guitar
  15. Teapot Lids
    MG: vibraphone, keyboard sounds
  16. Go With Her
    MG: piano, keyboard sounds
  17. Grateful
    MG: autoharp, banjo, guitar
  18. Tell Me That Before
    20 minute piece comissioned by the Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco for their 2008 Aleph-Bet Sound Project Curated by John Zorn
    DG: monologue, bass guitar, marimba;
    MG: piano, drums, accordion, melodica, celesta, marimba, vibraphone;
    Julie Pomerleau: violin; Georgia Greenberg: shadow vocal;
    Norabelle Greenberger: archival childhood piano & vocal improvisation

cover photo:

Paul Athanas