Mayor Of The Tennessee River
David Greenberger and The Shaking Ray Levis

(PelPel Recordings, 2003)

  1. The Mayor's Processional
  2. Misery & Torment
  3. Wonderful Life
  4. Our Window
  5. Blood on the Pulpit
  6. Secondra Diestra
  7. Secret to a Happy Retirement
  8. My Child
  9. Betty Be Mine
  10. Horseshoe-Shaped Organ
  11. Always Present
  12. Whiz-Bang
  13. Keep Me Goin'
  14. Crackpots
  15. Hat Talking Hat
  16. Montana Vice
  17. Hollywood's Prayer

David Greenberger


Frank Pahl

guitar, tenor National steel guitar, samplers

Dennis Palmer

synthesizers, samplers

Kenny Palmer

bass guitar

Bob Stagner

drums, percussion