David Greenberger & The Pahltone Scooters
Fractions By Stella

(PelPel Recordings, PP-8714, 2014)


David Greenberger:monologues
accompanied by The Pahltone Scooters under the direction of Frank Pahl featuring:

Tatsu Aoki
Bobbi Benson
Eugene Chadbourne
Marjorie de Muynck
Doug Gourlay
Jessica Lurie
Barbara Marino
Marko Novachcoff
Mary Richards
Doug Shimmin
Nelson Smith
Dean Western
Davey Williams

Text by David Greenberger, music credits as listed after each title.

  1. Advice for Drummers (Gourlay-Benson-Novachcoff-Pahl) Doug G: drums; Bobbi: bass, perc.; Marko: bass clarinet, perc.; Frank: banjo, talking drum

  2. My Mother (Williams) Davey: guitars; Frank, Davey, David: crowd

  3. Mechanical Men (Chadbourne) Eugene: electric windshield wiper

  4. No Fear For People (Pahl-Greenberger) Frank: ocarinas, variometer, conch shell; David: ocarina, zither

  5. Something Will Happen (de Muynck-Lurie-Marino-Pahl) Marjorie, Jessica, Barbara: saxophones; Frank: sound effects

  6. Smoking is a Pleasure (Richards) Mary: violin; Marko: bassoon; Bobbi: bass; Doug G: perc.; Frank: guitar

  7. Phil Sphiconi (Pahl) Frank: prepared mandolin, pump organ, whistling; Bobbi: bass; Marko: cello; Dean: inquisitor

  8. Everything Belongs to Someone (Pahl) Frank: prepared piano

  9. Heartburn and Heart Attack (Novachcoff) Marko: horn breathing

  10. 32 Causes of Headaches (Pahl) Frank: duck call, horns, acccordion

  11. Kirk Douglas (Aoki-Williams-Pahl-Greenberger) David: marimba; Frank: Strum-a-tune; Davey, Tatsu: toys

  12. Saddle Kate, She Cried (Pahl) Dean: bass; Doug S: electric guitar; Doug G: percussion; Frank: guitar, marimba, horns, harmonium, harmonica

  13. Eggs (Pahl-Greenberger) Doug G: drums; Bobbi: bass, background vocals; Marko: harmonica; Frank: guitars, background vocals

  14. Any Goddamn Place (Pahl) Frank: pump organ

  15. Pone (Chadbourne) Eugene: guitar, banjo, drums; Frank: ukulele

  16. Waiting For Snow (Pahl) Frank: mandolins; Mary: violin; Bobbi: bass; Marko: cello; Doug G: perc., dulcidrum

  17. Herbie (Aoki) Tatsu: bass; Frank: harmonium

  18. A Good Blessing (Pahl) Frank: euphoniums, clarinet

  19. The Wrong Kind of Serum (Novachcoff-Benson-Gourlay-Pahl-Smith) Marko: bass clarinet; Bobbi: bass; Doug G: drums; Frank: euphonium, whistling; Nelson: backwards piano

  20. Leave This Hemisphere (Gourlay-Benson-Novachcoff) Doug G: drums; Bobbi: bass; Marko: cello, bass clarinet

Produced Frank Pahl and David Greenberger
Recorded by Frank Pahl at Private Studios, Wyandotte, MI, 1994-5
Recording assisted by Dean Western and John Aho
Published by Modern Variety Music/BMI

Text based on conversations at the Duplex Nursing Home in Boston and an elderly center in Schenectady, NY with the following people: Wally Baker (14), Ernie Brookings (13f), Herbie Caldwell (17), John Catrambone (15). Thomas Devito (11), Gene Edwards (13a), Harold Farrington (13d), William "Fergie" Ferguson (2, 6, 7, 20), Leo Germino (10, 18). Larry Green (3, 12, 13c), Walter McGeorge (19), Jack Mudurian (8), Bill Niemi (5), Charles Scott (16), Bill Sears (13b), Abe Surgecoff (4, 9), Tony Villano (1), Frank Wisnewski (13e)