Cherry Picking Apple Blossom Time
David Greenberger with music by Paul Cebar

(PelPel Recordings, 2009)

Monologues by David Greenberger based on his conversations with elderly Milwaukeeans.
Music composed and performed by Paul Cebar with Reggie Bordeaux, Bob Jennings, Mac Perkins, John Sieger, Steve Cohen, Mike Kashou, Mark Greenberg, and Juli Wood.

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  1. Dorothy Won't Believe
  2. The Only Memory
  3. Mother Comes After
  4. Privileged
  5. A Strong Dog
  6. A King in Milwaukee, part 1
  7. Lockjaw
  8. Small Apartment
  9. The Letter
  10. Nuns Know How to Yell
  11. Proper Care of a Labrador
  12. Coming Around
  13. Cookie
  14. New In Town
  15. Hill Honey
  16. Your Turn
  17. Crossword Puzzles
  18. The Limits of Dreaming
  19. House Rules
  20. Lost Arm
  21. No Movies
  22. The Tomato Cheat
  23. Bathroom Snakes and Shower Bugs
  24. Three Three Three
  25. Plans
  26. No Rooms Here
  27. Copilot
  28. The Number One Thing
  29. Curry Park Toboggan
  30. Ruby Bottles
  31. Swung
  32. I Surprise Me
  33. The Me in Milwaukee Theme
  34. Mother's Last
  35. Where Fear Lives
  36. Two Questions
  37. Used to Say
  38. Satisfied