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The Duplex Planet: Everybody's Asking Who I Was
Culled from the pages of the first 120 issues of the magazine, this 170 page 8" square paperback book offers 14 thematically organized chapters and plenty of photos. Published by Faber & Faber, 1994.

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New! No More Shaves presents David Greenberger's Duplex Planet stories about six different residents of the Duplex Nursing Home: Fergie, Bill Niemi, Ken Eglin, Abe Surgecoff, Larry Green, and Ken Eglin. Artwork by Dan Clowes, Dave Cooper, Jason Lutes, Dean Rohrer, JR Williams, Wayno, Gary Leib, Dame Darcy, Rick Altergott, Doug Allen and others.

No More Shaves
160 pages.
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Tell Me If I've Stopped
This British collection also draws from the first dozen years of the Duplex Planet, but differs substantially from the other book. 197 subjects in alphabetical order. 188 page paperback. published by Sun Tavern Fields, 1993.

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Trees Breathe Out People Breathe In
This limited edition book compiles conversations with elderly residents of Erie Pennsylvania during the summer of 2000. Signed and numbered copies have vellum cover over a 5.5" square saddle-stapled soft cover book. Published by the Erie Art Museum.

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