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WILLIAM "FERGIE" FERGUSON: I went to Wentworth Institute. Its a mechanical
school, its a trade school. I studied everything - mathematics, English,
history. You get all your requirements in those schools - I didn't have to
go to college. I'm not worth a hundred million for nothing. A very good
school, Wentworth institute. I feel I am fairly well educated. If I wasn't
educate, I wouldn't have a hundred million. I expect to have a couple boys
and a couple girls. They went to the same schools I went to. They're
employed. I don't know what the girls do - but they're high school
graduates. Girl's Normal School. And you know the Normal School it's one of
the best schools in the country.

JOHN FAY: I went to St. Mary's in Charlestown. There was a nun, Sister,
Geronimo - Geronimo, just like the Indian - and she always picked on me.
Then my mother got me out of there, God bless her soul. Then I went to
Charlestown High.

(from Duplex Planet issue # 136)


BILL NIEMI: Well, he was in some history book, wasn't he? Tryin' to
discover electricity from lightening.
DBG: That's Ben Franklin.
BILL: He had something to do with that too. Didn't he have something to do
with finding electricity?
DBG: No finding gravity.
BILL: Gravity.
DBG: You remember the story of it?
BILL: No, not really.
DBG: Wasn't he sitting under the apple tree?
BILL: Oh the apple fell off the tree and hits him on the head.
DBG: Yeah. You remember that story?
BILL: Well, I guess that's in some book.

(from Duplex Planet issue #114)

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