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JACK MUDURIAN: When you're in jail you're just all to yourself, but when
you're in prison you have more space, you have more space to move around
in, after they let you out of your cage, don't they Dave, David
Greenberger? You know what they do with prisoners that don't perform? They
put them in Folsom Prison, F-o-l-s-o-m.


LEO GERMINO: Great difference. Prison and jail is two different things. In
prison you're locked up for years. In jail you're awaitin' trial. Prison is
a serious thing to be in. You don't know who you're livin' with in there
that you can trust. Jail is more, more better, dependin' on how guilty you

DBG: Escape?
WALTER: Yeah, out a window.

FRANK KANSLASKY: Some guys say this place, some guys say another place.
There's no right answers, you've always got to use the eraser.

(from Duplex Planet issue# 83)

DBG: Did you ever get a speeding ticket?
JOHN FAY: Yeah, I ended up in jail with it. Judge didn't like me and I
didn't like him. I told him off.

DBG: Were you ever in court?
WALTER KIERAN: No I wasn't in court. I haven't got anything to say now. I'm
anxious to get my new shoes.

HERBIE CALDWELL: Yeah, once. Salem jail for three months. For drinking.
They said I had'a behaved or somethin'. My sister said, "You ought to be
ashamed of yourself."

BERNIE REAGAN: I'm the judge. I still go to court. I was the district
attorney for quite a while there and a judgeship was offered to me, so I
took the judgeship. It's a good job, pays good. Two weeks vacation in the
summer with pay.

KEN EGLIN: 1951 I got picked up I was down at the house of correction down
in East Cambridge. They tried to get me on a manslaughter charge. The cops
in Cambridge didn't like me. They tried to hang me on a manslaughter
charge. They had me down there for nineteen months. Nineteen months I
waited trial and I went before the toughest judge in Middlesex County,
which is the toughest county in Massachusetts. They threw my case out. They
fined me a hundred dollars and sent me home. They fined me for slappin' a
girl a month before she died. And I admitted it -- I slapped her. I had too
because of the way she was callin' names, callin' everyone names.That's all
they could charge me with was slappin' the girl. The manslaughter charge
was wiped out -- they couldn't press that. They never found out who did it.
I have an idea what he looks like, but I never told the police that and I'm
not gonna say nothin'.

(from Duplex Planet issue #14)

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