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JOHN FAY: Well they try like hell Dave but they never succeed.

FRANK KANSLASKY: That's a lot of shit -- you know you can't fight city
hall. you can't fight nothin' in this world. All you wanna do is try to
stay even. That way you don't get rich, but you don't get poor neither.

FRANCIS McELROY: No. City Hall is outstanding and there's no need of
having a fight with City Hall. They know how to run the city and there's no
need of havin' anyone criticize them. Also David, if a person is well
educated they never fight with any business or firm or city hall or school.
No matter what the building might be, they never fight with them. And also,
if a person is well educated they never fight with any out standing
business official.

JOHN FALLON: No. it's too hard to fight it, too many politicians.

CHARLES SHEA: In words, in the paper.

ERNIE BROOKINGS: What method? City Hall is a building, not the occupants.

ANDY LEGRICE: You have to buy it!
FRANK KANSLASKY: There you have it.
ANDY: No, you can't fight city hall -- there's a soul in there.
DBG: A soul?
ANDY: Asshole!
FRANK: Don't write that.
ANDY: Love is sweet.

(from Duplex Planet issue #87)

VILJO LEHTO: I never had no difficulties. But if I did they would've
notified me and I would've had a record and I don't have no record.

(from Duplex Planet issue # 109)

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