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DBG: What's the worst job you ever had?
KEN EGLIN: I was the waiter, waitin' on tables. I was only getting $26.50
a week, I had to depend on my tips -- oh! My tips were beautiful, it was
like workin' in a nightclub -- I had to have a special pocket made in my
pants, I had to much change. Change and bills. I used to make thirty five
to forty dollars a week in tips. We used to save our tips 'til the end of
the week and then we'd count 'em up. I'd always have eighty or sixty
dollars in my pocket.

(from Duplex Planet issue #127)

You take a dozen eggs, crack 'em and put 'em in a pan. Half a glass of
milk. The slices of bread. The wife is always dependable, nothing she ever
does is wrong. Then put it on a hot grill. Wait till it browns, turn it
over and cook it on both sides and you got French toast.

KEN EGLIN: That salad is a deadbeat!

(from Duplex Planet issue #43)

BERNICE DELANA: You can'ta finda gooda piece-a meata no more-a. All-a the
people now chickena, chickena, chickena! All-a the time theya eata the

(from Duplex Planet issue # 83)

KEN EGLIN: You ever seen a mackerel when it's cooked? I hate it. I've
got to get five blocks away from it. I don't like no fish, period. No. My
mother would send my brother to the fish market, but not me. I'd take a
walk down by the Charles River and stay by myself.

(from Duplex Planet issue #9)


GENE EDWARDS: I like eggs. I like egg sandwiches. That's all I can think of.

LARRY GREEN: They're good, make eggnog!

HAROLD FARRINGTON: Over light, hardboiled, scrambled, sunnyside up -
they're good for your love juices!

ERNIE BROOKINGS: Eggs are shell excretion by birds, later to be hatched
into chickens.

(from Duplex Planet issue # 9)

HENRY TURNER: I want to save enough money to operate a coffee shop. You
may be one of my customers. I'm gonna have a great cup of coffee for only
ten cents a cup.
DBG: Only ten cents a cup?!
HENRY: Yeah, I'm gonna make some great coffee out of Taster's Choice.
DBG: How can you afford it though, isn't coffee...
HENRY: Well I can get a hundred-twenty cups out of a jar of Taster's Choice.
DBG: A hundred-twenty cups!? How much does the jar cost?
HENRY: About six dollars. I'll make about five dollars. four dollars
profit, from each jar about four dollars profit. I make profit on these
figurines - you know how much this one cost me? Only a dollar and fifty
DBG: A dollar fifty?
HENRY: Yeah.
DBG: Well, it's you time that's the main thing in this - you time's worth

(from Duplex Planet issue # 109)

LUCILLE ABBEY: Dick Abbey, that's my husband, that was before I knew who
he was. He came in and he talked to me and he wanted a lot of things. You
know, he'd talk and I'd listen.He'd come at seven o'clock, have his ice
cream with his sister and then I'd say, "Are you gonna tap dance for me?"
"Sure" and he'd tap dance and they'd have to sing that song(laughs). His
sister came with him. She didn't know how he felt about being alone with
me, until we got acquainted, and then he came alone. He came every night
and he'd say, "I want Lucy to make it for me, I don't want you" -- my
sister, you know. So they'd have to come get me. "He's in there, he wants
you to make his ice cream." I said, "Oh nuts," but then I found out he
cared for me and we started goin' steady.
We went to the Bluebird Hall, that was an eating place, you could
eat and dance there on tenth street, across the street from the Strand
Theatre. And in there, while we were sittin' and havin' a little brunch of
some kind he said, "Could I call you you sweetheart?" And I said "What?"
And he had to say it again, and I says, "Yeah, if you wanna." So I got used
to him and I favored him of all the guys. He was so good, so nice, so
gentle, and I fell for him.

(from the book Trees Breathe Out People Breathe In)

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