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Duplex Planet Money
In 1979 the residents of the Duplex Nursing Home, with the assistance of
David Greenberger, created their own currency, printed from linoleum blocks.

DBG: What's the easiest job in the world?
JOHN FAY: In a bank. You don't get dirty in banks. You go home with
neckties on and not one piece of dirt on your clothes.


HOMER LAVIOLETTE: Well, prudence dictates it because anything can happen.

JOHN BITOWSKI: So you can live! Jesus Christ.

BARBARA KATZ: To pay me bills and get ahead in the world - to accomplish
my goal.
BOB SHIREY: Because Ben Franklin's one of my heroes and he said a penny
saved is a penny earned.
BILL HUGHES: Oh, I hate to puncture your balloon, but what he did was
combine much of the wit and wisdom of the world up to that point and put it
all in his almanac. he complied it, but he originated little if any of it.
BOB: Saving's important because if you don't save you're living on the
edge of disaster all the time, and there's no security in that.

ANDY LEGRICE: To keep from gettin' hungry.

ERNIE BROOKINGS: To purchase essential items. And I used to save money for
memberships in American Standard of Metals and the American Legion and
Saint John's Lodge of Springfield, Vermont. And also the Mineralogical
Society of Springfield, Vermont.

JOHN HODOROWSKI: I've been wonderin' that crissakes for years -- why?!

ROY ELLIOT: I can't see any sense in it. What for, for someone else to
have a good time on? You kick off and someone else has a good time on it?
To hell with that! No sir!

VILJO LEHTO: Then they won't call you a bum.

(from Duplex Planet issue #81)

VILJO LEHTO: I put my money in the bank and I forgot which bank I put it
in. They got too many banks in Schenectady.
WALLY BAKER: Put a dollar in each bank then.
VILJO: I forgot a lot. I remember when Slim Jim was in the funny papers.
And Mutt and Jeff. Thirteen State Street, that's where I was born, in
Schenectady, I've got a birth certificate here.

(from Duplex Planet issue #128.)


LARRY GREEN: Jesus no!
DBG: Where'd you hide it?
LARRY: Put it in the bank. Lynn Five Cents Saving Bank.
DBG: Did you invest in the stock market?LARRY: No. Just let it go for
interest. Used to make twenty-nine dollars a week at Barne's Leather
Factory...The Big Crash of '29. Everybody went broke and went on welfare.

(from Duplex Planet issue #9)


DAPHNE MATTHEWS: Hmmmm. A penny. I like copper, it's the nicest looking
coin. I'd rather have copper than silver any day.

JACK MUDURIAN: None! I don't want my face to be on any denomination of
money or any kind in any part of the world from the beginning of time on,
and time marches ever ahead of us , Dave.

ABE SURGECOFF: That question's out of the, ah, out of proportion.

JOHN FAY: All kinds of money, I'm not fussy, as long as it's spendable.

LARRY GREEN: Twenty dollar bill! Ha ha!

JOHN FALLON: Hundred dollar bill.

ERNIE BROOKINGS: It would be the ten dollar bill. And it has the signature
of the National Secretary of the Treasury on it.

(from Duplex Planet issue # 114)

CHUCK ARMAGOST: If I can't get to sleep I figure out how much money I've
got in the bank. I've got thirty-five dollars here, and I got ten dollars
here, and I can do this and I can do that, I'm writin' on the ceiling. And
if I fall asleep, it's alright, because it's all worked out in my
head(laughs). I don't let it bother me. See, I don't go out spendin' money
that I don't have. I don't have no bills except for my insurance policies
and stuff.

(from the book, Trees Breathe Out People Breathe In)

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