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Web sites

2000 census. Population Estimates For States By Race And Hispanic Origin:  July 1, 1999 

Rand California, California and U.S. Statistics

The Urban Institute

East L.A.: Past And Present by Tomas Benitez

A website of Hispanic organizations

Film and video

NLCC Educational Media. (1996).
Chicano! History of the Mexican American civil rights movement. (Video)

Ellie Kahn (Director). (1996). Meet me at Brooklyn and Soto.


Other Resources

NAHE: National Association Of Hispanic Elderly
234 E. Colorado Blvd., Suite 300
Pasadena, ca 91101

Organization that focuses on the needs of older Hispanic people and other low-income elderly. Provides a variety of services to include research related to the needs of Hispanic elderly, research & consultation for organizations that wish to reach Spanish speaking people; production and dissemination of written & audio visual materials in English & Spanish; administration of project Ayuda (senior employment program); and administers the senior environmental employment program.

Homeboy Industries
1916 East First Street
LA, CA 90033

Homeboy Industries mission is to assist at-risk and former gang involved youth to become contributing members of our community through a variety of services in response to their multiple needs.  It is a nationally recognized center that assists 1,000 people a month in re-directing their lives.  Father Gregory J. Boyle, S.J. is a Jesuit priest who is founder / executive director of jobs for a future / homeboy industries, an employment referral center and economic development program.  

435 S. Boyle Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90033

The International Institute of Los Angeles was established in Boyle Heights in 1914 as the international institute of the YWCA.  Provides comprehensive social services to assist individuals and families to achieve self-sufficiency; and provides community leadership to promote multicultural understanding.

Self-Help Graphics
3802 Cesar Chavez Avenue
East Los Angeles, CA 90063

Self-help graphics is a community-based visual arts center located in East Los Angeles.   Since 1970, this organization has been offering artist workshops, exhibitions, and an ongoing lecture series as part of their mission to promote the cultural heritage and contribution of Chicano art and artists to the contemporary American experience.